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Marc Fairhurst (b.1975)
e: fairhurstphoto@gmail.com
Got my degree in Animation. Offered a place in London to do my Master’s in Writing. It was too expensive, so I got a camera instead. I quit writing. I like cheese. Flicking stones at pigeons. Scratching my bum in public. The colour light-blue. Cheers 🙂


I decided to start my journal, ‘It Fell From an Unknown Height’ shortly after I began my adventure into photography. At first, it came in the form of a video diary, then it turned into a weird and rather unsuccessful pod-cast; rants and rambling’s about how I was feeling about both the craft and myself at the time; where I thought I fit in and where I thought my place was. Abandoning the radio-style recordings and quickly soon after the video journals, I made the decision to stick with writing, and ‘It Fell From an Unknown Height’ began its true life as an online journal – a place where I could let all my tensions, anxieties and thoughts go and in some manner, have them all mapped out in one singular and solitary place. The writing here are excerpts of a larger journal that is more structured and personal.

The aim of this journal is not to enlighten or fascinate – it’s more of a personal document for myself, something that I can record my progress with, from my beginnings, making comparisons on style, content, and thought processes along the way, and how these things may change and differ over time.

For now though, it remains one of the few avenues I use to let off steam, to rant and question, to look back over, and to create; for me to create something in the best manner that I can, and just as it is with my photography, I hope it will contain some example and evidence of progression, but more importantly to me, as it is with my work – the documentation of life … and of all the moments within it.

Thanks for dropping by.