[ Journal 2015-2016 // Hope and Glory ]

Meanwhile, in London …

12th May 2015 – Tea on. Six rolls out. 220 stock dwindling fast. Need to save the rest. Missed an event on Sunday but it’ll come around again next year. First part of Saturday was this; God it was fucking boring – spend an hour walking the hall trying to find something different and as I freak at sudden loud noises, the prospect of dogs barking makes me tense, so I play music on repeat as loud as my phone will allow. Get one or two that I am kinda happy with and realising that I am unlikely to get better, I leave. End up at Green Park as I want to bypass Buckingham Palace. It’s my first time there. I’ve never had the desire to visit, but the day is warm and the sun is out and I feel I may get something. I don’t. At this point in time, I’m not too interested in tourists. I head over to St. James’s Park to see if the V.E. Day thing is going to get any better. There are a lot of people sleeping and using the deck chairs, so I grab a few of them, but nothing really stands out as being part of V.E. Day in the manner that I wanted to get it. I have three shots left on the last roll with me. I wonder toward Trafalgar and debate whether to go buy a new roll or just head home. I head home. Train is packed. I seem to have picked a carriage that must have been designated as a crèche as there seem to be babies and kids everywhere, and like dogs, their screams pierce and penetrate right through me. PLAY> … London plays out the window, planes reach for higher skies and I turn to flick through Mitch Epstein’s ‘In Pursuit of India’. Discover Homer Sykes today after some wild and random online search related to my ‘Hope and Glory’ project. Wonder if it’s worth doing what I intend to do with it as he covered it all so extensively. How could I even begin to put my stamp on this other than approaching it as a documentarian, as I had wanted. Still … I’ll find a way.


24th May 2015 – Girl away in Poland so take the time alone to clean the flat of years of smoke and grime. I fill a good five bin bags full of crap and shit that’s piled up over the years. Fix new shelves to an alcove in the lounge (I say lounge, but it’s a box that has what I think is a kitchen in it, if having a sink in any given room constitutes as being a kitchen). Sit back and survey the work and nothing looks any different. It looks the same.

Head over to the London Comic Convention to get portraits. I have it in my head the kind of shots I want, but upon getting there, I don’t get them. Instead, I find a toilet at the far end of the endless internal giant hall-like corridor in the middle of the Excel Arena and head out for a smoke. Outside, there are hundreds of comic con participants in full cosplay attire and so I wander around for a good couple of hours getting some portraits. After the Comic Con it’s my intention to head to the Royal Chelsea Flower Show. After getting about ten portraits, I tell myself to head off. It’s then that I realise that getting a ticket for this event was pointless and that I never got to step foot inside the main convention hall itself, of which there were many halls full of things to see and do. I saw none of it. That’s my own fault for putting two big events on the calendar to do on the same day. Plus, I woke late.

Get a tube to the flower show. It’s a bit of a walk to the location itself, but once I get my ticket and get through the gates, I quickly walk the paths in search of people to photograph. I’ve never been to this show before and had always wanted to, although I personally believe that the organiser sold far too many tickets as all paths were a crush of the elderly and the show gardens were hard to see. In the pockets of space that became available, it was there that I framed for my shots. In such events that I attend to photograph, I’m not so much interested in the event itself than I am of those who attend them; it’s the people attending that I am going to the events for. Should I happen to photograph something of the event, for example, a morris dancer doing his/her thing, then they’re usually kept to the outer regions of the frame. My framing is mainly dominated by the people on the sidelines than anything else.

I am hoping that when the six rolls come back from both the events that I will have something good. Not just good as in having a nicely framed and composed photograph, but that they’re in focus, there’s little motion blur and that my choice for using 800 speed film in this instance will have been a better choice than the 400 speed film that I used for the London Pet Show, which in my eyes, was a complete and utter fucking disaster.


To see the photographs that I have chosen so far for the project, please visit this link here.


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